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General Practitioner (GP)

Your child or adolescent can be cared for by general practitioners in the paediatric clinic. This means you choose a fixed paediatrician from our medical team. The paediatrician can thus get to know the medical history of your child and provide a sense of stability. This general practitioner for your children is also responsible for regular check-ups. Your child or adolescent is therefore able to form a trusting relationship with the paediatrician.


According to the Swiss Society of Pediatrics (which is the association of Swiss paediatricians), regular preventive examinations are to be provided for children and adolescents. These focus on whether your child is developing normally in terms of weight and size, as well as motor, mental, and emotional development, or whether special support is necessary. Are vaccinations up to date? Are there any chronic illnesses?

Different questions are relevant depending on age:

1 month +
2 – 12 months +
18-24 months +
3 years +
4 years +
6 years +
10 years +
12 years +
14 years +
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